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          A graduate from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Kostioukhina discovered a passion for diabesity and metabolism early in her medical career. 


          "I remember in my first year of medical school, when I had to present  about diabetes and the available treatments. I spent many hours on that presentation trying to figure out how it all works at the cellular and molecular level and understood that we don't know this disease very well. We are just covering the symptoms with band-aids with the current treatments. Since that day, I became fascinated with diabetes and started a journey in search of tools and strategies to help my patients combat this disease of metabolism with all possible solutions, big and small, new and old... I have traveled around the world and observed the wisdom and resources used by the people from different cultures and with different points of view on the disease. I have found exotic foods and nutrients that have been used in these cultures and have been proven by modern research to be effective. I have had the opportunity to learn about Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition in a 2 year program at the University of Miami iCAM Division. We have experienced the battle in our own family and successfuly reversed the damage to levels of optimal health. I love this challenging disease and enjoy helping my patients in loosing weight and successfully achieving a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle."




Dr. Kostioukhina 



          Dr. Kostioukhina is an active member in her community and is part of the fight to stop the obesity epidemic.  She constantly contributes her time and resources at different levels. From taking extra time with patients who are affected by these diseases, to giving educational lectures to the public, to being a member of the Univerity of Miami Internal Medicine Residency Program Obesity Project were she is the personal health coach to a number of patients, to being part of the Palm Beach County Obesity Coalition which is an organization that helps at the political and administrative level in the county. 

          When you meet Dr. Kostioukhina, you will soon realize that she is one of those individuals who "Walks the talk". You will see her always using the stairs , parking fartest away to have a longer walk, running 5Ks and muddy obstacle  races and drinking her famous "green juices". 




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