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Black Ink Drops

Please stay 


        an empty corpse.

A body that is not

what it was before.


Just yesterday, I held your hand in mine,

a warm hand with a warm smile.

I held your hand and met your eyes,

and saw just yesterday who lived inside.


An old man’s shell

with worn-out wrinkly skin,

with broken lungs and sick within.


But through your eyes,

I could see YOU.

The man who traveled far,

the one who…

Who conquered mountains

and sailed dark seas.

The one who’s loved ones

are going to miss.


You looked at me,

asking without words:

-Let me go with dignity.

I lived my life, I traveled far,

I loved, I cried, I soared up high,

and fell down low.

I watched my children grow.

My time has come to say goodbye.

Dear doctor I hope you understand.

My hands are weak,

my mind is slow,

I need your help to be my voice.


I looked at you

and squeezed your hand tight:

-I want to fix you! Like a watch!

Please take this bitter pill.

A needle stick with medicine!

It’s just a little prick.

Oh! Let me check your vitals,

awaken you from sleep.

You need an intervention!

It might help you with this disease

…of growing old and breaking down.


I’ve searched through textbooks

and pages in small print.

I found this article!

It says that with this thing,

which hurts just a little bit,

we could make you stay longer!

with us… in this hard bed…

with aches and pains…

Right here!


Just let me listen to your heart once more!

The murmur and S3 that beat so slow

and want to stop.

Your rales, your crackles

and your last breaths.


-Please just let me go.

It’s hard for you to see me die,

I know.

But just sit close and hold my hand,

I will help you understand.


My shell is worn, my joints all creak,

my lungs wheeze, my heart has clicks.

My legs don’t walk and I am stuck.

in bed… with aches… with pains…

Tied-up by plastic tubes that feed me when I can’t.

That breath for me,

keeping this alive.

This shell,

this worn out shell

that housed my soul to roam around.

I used it well, it’s torn

I’m leaving it behind.


You see, my time has come.

I have to go.



Black Ink Drops



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